Kansas City Chiefs: Regrading Each Pick Of The 2014 NFL Draft

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Round 4, Pick No. 124: De’Anthony Thomas, OW, Oregon

De’Anthony Thomas should be on a billboard for inhalers.

When he jogs back to return a punt, lungs freeze, hearts pound and my trains of thought plow through a pinata of emotions. “Whaaat are y—fair catch it! Oh…OH! RUN FORREST! WOOOOOO! [Ric Flair finger guns]”

If Yin is a passive force and Yang is an active one, then DAT is a Yang extremist. The man received 34 punts and fair-caught a grand total of one—probably just to maintain harmony in the universe.

Thomas’ role increased as the season aged, and I still suspect Andy Reid has slot-centric ambitions for him. However, without putting too much stock into projections, there’s still no arguing that the ankle-breaker made his presence felt in 2014, racking up the second-most punt return yardage (405) in the NFL.

OVERALL GRADE. A-. An irregular college schedule and nagging injuries slowed Thomas’ offseason progress, which, along with his lackluster size, limited his regular-season touches. But when the ball was in his hands, Arrowhead lit up with electricity. . De'Anthony Thomas. Kansas City Chiefs