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As you go through The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft Part 2 you’ll notice that there are two picks in rounds 3-7. That’s not because awarded compensatory picks. I had to trade for those extra picks so; I’ll take them any time I can get them.

In real life, has projected that the Kansas City Chiefs will be given 4 compensatory picks. With that in mind, here’s the rest of the mock.

Josue Matias is a LG who reminds me of Branden Albert: flexible and athletic, good feet, balanced blocker, one who can bend… and he just so happens to be a LG next to a LT, Cameron Erving, who will most likely be drafted in the first round. However, when you put on Florida State tape you see Matias consistently outperform Erving. At least that’s what I saw. Matias regularly… drives his man further down field on run blocking… keeps his QB clean by removing his man further away or pancaking him… then making it to the second level and getting excellent hands on a LB or DB. He started 41 straight games for the Seminoles. You could start Matias at LG on Day one and if he performs better than the Chiefs incumbent LT Eric Fisher then move him over. I believe he’s that good.

Watch Matias next to Erving in 2013 vs. Clemson. Matias is #70. Erving #75.

Grade Potential: GOOD to ELITE

~ ~ ~

Laken Tomlinson is the kind of huge interior lineman the Chiefs have been looking for to hold down the Guard position on the left side. says,

"“Along the interior, Duke’s Laken Tomlinson enjoyed the most impressive performance on Wednesday (of Senior Bowl week). Tomlinson, 6-3, 323 has good initial quickness and lateral agility as well as impressive flexibility to anchor against bull rushers.” ~ Rob Rang"

That pretty much encapsulates my own observations of Tomlinson when watching him throughout Senior Bowl week’s practices and the game. Tomlinson impressed me most with his ability to take in information given to him by his Senior Bowl coaches following one play, and then apply that information on the next play.

Witnessing a daily progression in Tomlinson’s skills and performance against other Senior Bowl players was critical, considering how much Coach Andy Reid likes to develop his linemen. Tomlinson stands out as someone who can move sideways and adjust to onrushing linemen. His agility and ability with his feet reminds me of Rodney Hudson’s quick feet four years ago at the combine.

When Tomlinson drops into his squat stance that OL drop into while in pass protection, he is balanced front to back keeping his shoulders over his feet. He needs to work on his hands and be more violent in the use of his hands when initiating contact.

Laken Tomlinson is a highly intelligent guy who wants to complete a degree in medicine and become a doctor when his football days have come to an end. Perhaps he and LDT can open a practice together… following their Super Bowl winning years. K.C. could use a couple more good doctors.

Grade Potential: GOOD to ELITE

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The Chiefs need to stop the run and they need to stop it before the season ever starts. The 2014 Chiefs were virtually as bad at stopping the run (28th in the league) as they were at creating passing yards (29th in the league). By drafting McCarthy and Shelton, the Chiefs can not only improve the defensive line competition across the board but these two will allow both Dontari Poe and Allen Bailey to catch a breather and stay fresh throughout games and throughout the season.

Rob Rang of CBS Sports says this about McCarthy,

"“McCarthy has been used at nose guard and defensive end in UCLA’s predominantly 3-4 attack. He projects best inside, where his wide frame and strength allow him to eat up blockers and free up teammates to make plays… He can stun opponents with his initial quickness and agility and uses an effective bullrush to push blockers deep into the pocket.”"

While Ellis McCarthy has a tendency to grow weary as the game progresses, that shouldn’t be a big problem while rotating to give other Chiefs starters a rest. Making the offensive and defensive lines a priority in this draft will create more competition and help to set up the team for years to come where it all begins, in the trenches.

Grade Potential: GOOD ++

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