The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft PART 1

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In the history of the NFL, there are teams who have had what you could call, “Super Bowl Drafts.” Think back to the draft of the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers. That year they selected 4 Hall of Fame players in their first 5 picks. That draft was so good you could label it as impeccable or or even perfect. After all, that draft netted: Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, Jimmy Allen, and  Mike Webster.

How about the Dallas Cowboys 1964 draft of Roger Staubach, Mel Renfro and Bob Hayes. That was a pretty amazing draft. How about our own Kansas City Chiefs in 1963. They had a crazy good draft that year which included Buck Buchanan, Bobby Bell, Jerrel Wilson, Dave Hill and Ed Budde. Although Buck Buchanan was the 265th pick, selected in the 19th round in that draft, he ended up in the NFL Hall of Fame along with Bobby Bell who was drafted 16th overall.

Each of these drafts had a major impact on their teams immediate future. The Cowboys, the Steelers and the Chiefs all won championships following those “Super Bowl” drafts.

That’s where I see the current Kansas City Chiefs at right now: in need of a crazy good, notable, amazing, perfect… Super Bowl draft.

If you’re at all like me, you have wondered over the years whether or not the Chiefs could come up with that perfect group of players that they might be able to select in one or two drafts in a row to give them that exceptional base of players who would then carry them to one or more Super Bowls.

So, the question is, can this 2015 draft supply those kinds of players? I believe it can and this post will be all about sharing a mock with you that might just be, that perfect Super Bowl quality draft.

The Need for a Super Bowl Quality Draft

In response to Matt Williamson’s ranking of the 2014 Chiefs at 19th out of 32 NFL teams based upon the quality of all players 25 or under, ESPN’s beat writer assigned to cover the Chiefs, Adam Teicher said,

"“…the Chiefs have some work to do in the draft this year in order to catch up with the 18 teams ranked ahead of them. They should be able to cover some ground. Coach Andy Reid has said the Chiefs expect four or more compensatory draft picks… Having a lot of good, young players is important to any team.”"

In yet another player rating system Pro Football Focus (PFF) has created a ranking of NFL teams based on how many players they are “short” of making the Super Bowl. They say the Chiefs are 8 player short. I don’t agree with their ranking much at all because when they separated each player into one of four categories (Elite, Good, Average or Bad), they said Jamaal Charles is “Average.” They also went on to rank the following players as “Average” too: Dontari Poe, Allen Bailey, and Tamba Hali. Plus, PFF gives Ron Parker, Josh Mauga, Anthony Fasano and Knile Davis a “Bad” ranking. I have one word to say about that: NOT!

So, a good many of their arrows appeared to have missed the target rather completely.

While I don’t agree with all of their evaluations, one thing is clear: to compete for a championship, the Kansas City Chiefs must add multiple “Good” and “Elite” players. Even Justin Houston knows the Chiefs are missing some important OL and WR pieces.

Although these rankings are mostly rank, their underlying question is right on the money: “who” is needed to put a championship back in the Chiefs trophy case?

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“The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft”