The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft PART 1

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Online Mock Draft Machines

So, I set out in search of such a draft for the Chiefs this year that could get them most of those high quality players they are in need of, in order to contend. If you haven’t spent time at the Database of Mock Drafts make sure you contact a local addictions support group before going. I’ve spent countless hours there but many people who make mocks and post their mocks there, just don’t understand the Chiefs needs this offseason.

If you’re thinking about posting an every-team mock you may want to visit Gil Brandt’s Top Three Needs of Each Team.

In previous posts I’ve mentioned Fanspeak Mock Draft Generator and if you want to do a fun and easy entree level K.C. Chiefs mock, you may want to start there. You pick for the Chiefs, and Fanspeak does the selecting for all the other teams. It’s simple and loads of fun. However, there are no trades involved in the process.

A month ago I began to use which is actaully a Fantasy Football and NFL Draft Game. This site does allow for trades and assigns a scoring value to every pick (A, B, C…) plus it gives you an overall score for your draft at the end. I haven’t gotten more than 4,900 so far but I can see other Chiefs fans who’ve registered there, have scored in the 6,000 range.

However, I’m not playing the game to get a high score. The values for their games are based on a static value system that was setup for each prospect and that value appears to remain the same even though the both the East West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl have revealed new insights into many of the players in this draft. Plus, prospect rankings will change plenty when the NFL Combine is completed in February.

Using both Fanspeak and First-Pick has given me the chance to research prospects that will be drafted throughout the draft including the later rounds. In the past month, I’ve used Fanspeak and First-Pick more than 30 times each.

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you is that, some compelling patterns have begun to appear in how prospects will become available.

I’ve said before, the top notch offensive linemen will be gone early in this draft. So, if you wait until the second or third rounds… or even the last half of the first round… you might just be wasting a pick to draft one. Especially if you’re expecting to find a plug-and-play RT. There also seems to be a higher number of quality defensive linemen but even fewer ILBs than there are OLs. Then again, the East West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl have shined a bright light on specific players who would have been stuck getting drafted in the later rounds but… since I was taking notes and paying attention… I can use that information when I run my own mock draft simulations.

My Super Bowl Mock Draft

Here’s my own favorite mock draft created using I’ll be using a draft-simulation tool for a couple of reasons:

  1. To go round by round and just pick out the player you would like the Chiefs to have most… is just a “Draft Wish List” and not a true mock. And, not nearly a facsimile of what the Chiefs brass will face on the real draft day weekend.
  2. Selecting players at a specific number or spot in the draft order isn’t accurate at all because of the high volume of draft day trading that occurs. In 2014, 32% of the first round picks were traded for. 34% in 2013. 34% in 2012. 28% in 2012. 34% in 2010. So, I’ll be simply be listing the choices by their round number and not their overall number.

Plus, at the end of each player’s analysis I’ll give them a grade similar to PFF’s categories: Elite, Good, Average or Bad. However, my grades will be based on each prospects “potential” since that’s all they are right now, raw potential.

And now, the Chiefs Super Bowl Mock Draft.

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“The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft”