The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft PART 1

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Chiefs fans would go crazy… and not in a good way… if the Chiefs actually made DT Danny Shelton their first round selection in 2015. However, once they get to know the rest of the draft… and the rest of the offseason… they’d change their minds for sure. Not only that, if Shelton is available then it probably means all the good offensive linemen are off the board and in that case, Shelton would most certainly be the best player available.

Shelton is 6-2 and goes 343, so, he’s all of one inch and three pounds “tinier” than Dontari Poe. In other words, he’s pretty much a clone of him physically. I’ve heard of Shelton being compared to Poe only “he’s not quite there yet.” In the trenches, he’s a beast. His motor never stops. He was named “The Defensive Lineman of the Senior Bowl” and having watched all the practices aired on the NFL Channel last week I can attest, this man is for realz. He could be plugged in at LDE and the Chiefs run defense gets better, way better, immediately. Shelton also has the ability to give Poe a break at NT which also keeps Poe fresher as both the game and season move along.

Rob Rang of CBS Sports says of Danny Shelton,

"“Built like a Coke machine and he’s just as tough to move. Natural wide-body with thick thighs that help him anchor, even against double-teams. Surprisingly coordinated and flexible despite his square-ish frame, frequently splitting double-teams to wreak havoc at the line of scrimmage, including blocking three kicks. Possesses a powerful bull-rush to walk centers deep into the pocket and slides off blocks easily to grab hold ballcarriers nearby. Shelton is surprisingly light on his feet and plays with terrific effort in pursuit, rushing to the sidelines and downfield against the run and pass. He locates the football quickly and has a legitimate short-area burst to close.”"

Here’s a nice little video of Danny Shelton called, “Feast Mode.” Watch as he collapses the pocket almost every single time.

Shelton has the potential to be the best player on the Chiefs defense within two years except for Justin Houston. And that includes Dontari Poe. He also gives the Chiefs defense a shot at being “the” elite defense of the N.F.L.. How many guys can the opposition hope to double at one time? Poe and Bailey often draw the double-team now. With Shelton, the Chiefs defensive front becomes a nightmare for teams to cope with. Just imagine how many sacks our Mr. Houston could get then? The vision of it is staggering.

With Danny Shelton as the Chiefs number one pick in this year’s draft their defensive front becomes dominant, immediately. And, while there are some very good offensive linemen in this draft, none of them are so good that they can deliver the “game changing ability” offensively, that Danny Shelton can deliver on the defensive side of the ball. Not even if the Chiefs were somehow able to draft 6-5, 320 lb. Brandon Scherff, the best LT in this draft.

Grade Potential: ELITE+

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 Tomorrow, in The Chiefs And A Super Bowl Draft– Part II, I’ll reveal the rest of my draft, as well as some off season moves, that need to be made in order for the Kansas City Chiefs to place themselves in a position to compete for the Lombardi Trophy in 2015 and become the AFC representative in the Golden Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50, in San Francisco on February 7, 2016.

In the mean time, what do you say Addict fans? Can you accept the idea of the Chiefs drafting a DT like Danny Shelton in the first round if the best wideouts and offensive linemen are gone by the time the Chiefs pick?