Thomas Jones: Former Chiefs RB Explains Decision To Donate Brain To Science


In 2013, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones pledged to donate his brain to science.

On Wednesday’s episode of Pro Football Now, the 10,000-yard rusher elaborated on his decision, offering a candid glimpse into life after the NFL.

At one point in the interview, Jones relays that both he and his younger brother, Julius, suffered multiple concussions throughout their careers. He also noted that the deaths of Junior Seau and Jovan Belcher, two players he considered friends, led to his heightened awareness of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Jones commented:

"This game is a really, really rough, violent game, and just because you see guys get up doesn’t mean we’re not hurt. I think a lot of times people don’t really see us as human beings. They kind of see us as characters off of Madden or a number or a name—last name. We’re people. We have brains. We have families. We have people that love us; care about us. … It’s important for me to try to help give back to the players after me."

When asked if CTE symptoms have crept into his everyday life, Thomas Jones admitted that he loses his train of thought from time to time. However, he can’t pinpoint whether the cause stems from brain trauma or his own paranoia playing tricks on him.

He added, “I think that’s the scariest part…I’m not sure what causes me to forget.”

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