Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Clinching Scenario


Yes, the Chiefs lost the Pittsburgh Steeelrs on Sunday and fell to 8-7.

No, the Chiefs have not been eliminated from the playoffs.


Thanks to the Houston Texans’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the Chiefs are still alive for a playoff berth this season. But they are going to need some help if they are going to make it.

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The scenario is singular, meaning there’s not a lot of avenues for the Chiefs to make the playoffs. If the Ravens win on Sunday, for instance, there is no other backdoor way for the Chiefs to make the playoffs no matter what else happens. So what needs to happen? Here you go.

The Chiefs make the playoffs with a victory over the San Diego Chargers, a Baltimore Ravens loss AND a Houston Texans loss or tie.

Sounds so simple. Sounds so unlikely.

The Chiefs have the Chargers at home and already own a road victory over them earlier in the season. Playing at home against a team that’s not very good at running the ball and doesn’t have a great defense should help the Chiefs out when it comes to trying to pick up a week 17 victory.

Getting help from the outside is where things get super dicy.

Baltimore will be at home and playing the Cleveland Browns. In possibly a break of fate, Johnny Manziel may not play after getting hurt this week against the Carolina Panthers. This means Brian Hoyer, who to date has performed much better than Manziel (but still sucks), may get the start against the Ravens. Cleveland’s best chance at pulling off the win is with Hoyer at quarterback, but even then the odds are not great for the Chiefs.

Then even more disturbing game is the Jacksonville Jaguars-Hosuton Texans game. Houston’s defense was insane against the Ravens this weekend, which makes one wonder what J.J. Watt will be able to do against the disaster of an offensive line that plays for the Jaguars. Watt could probably play any position in that game and still be the best player on the field. I mean, would you rather take your chance with Blake Bortles at quarterback or Watt? Exactly.

It is a longshot for the Chiefs to make the playoffs, but crazier things have happened. Hey, the Bills did magically lose to the Raiders this weekend and the Ravens did look awful against the Texans. Any given Sunday, right?