Kansas City Chiefs: 6 Takeaways From Week 15’s Drubbing Of The Raiders

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5.Wild Cards Are Double-Edged Swords

For better or worse, a handful of up-and-comers share a knack for turning hearts into drums.

Travis Kelce has been plagued by penalties lately, and two fumbles in as many weeks haven’t helped his stock. However, when it comes to dissecting No. 87, there’s no doubt that the good dwarfs the bad.

Kelce doubles as an ill-intentioned steamroller who dishes out regret like it’s his religious duty. And as a receiving threat, he’s compared to Rob Gronkowski on a weekly basis.

Knile Davis is another home run threat who can revive a crowd just as quickly as he can take the wind out of its sails.

Hands of stone, inconsistent blocking and shaky ball security have haunted him in the past, but if he cradles the pigskin in space, egos deflate and sons get embarrassed. Quickly.

Another fan favorite, De’Anthony Thomas, has, generally speaking, enjoyed a mistake-free rookie season, but if fielding contested punts becomes a habit, he’s bound to feel the post-fumble wrath of one Dave Toub.

On the flip side, he’s a walking highlight. Among players with double-digit attempts, Thomas currently ranks third in the NFL in yards per punt return (11.9) and first in yards per kick return (31.9).