GIF: Jamaal Charles’ Chiefs Decal Scrunches Up After Collision With Raiders Brandian Ross


Jamaal Charles is far from the biggest man in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room. But time and again, he proves that if you judge a book by its cover, it can divorce you from your senses—or in this case, decals from their homes.

The highlighted hit took place midway through the third quarter, when the backfield blur had already endured one cringeworthy thud.

On the heels of Travis Kelce’s fumble, the Chiefs marched down the field and were on the end zone’s doorstep.

On 1st-and-goal from Oakland’s 9-yard line, the Chiefs broke the huddle showing “trip right,” with Anthony Fasano, Anthony Sherman and Travis Kelce anchoring the strong side. Alex Smith handed it off to his ankle-breaking assassin, and Charles darted through a wedge created by Fasano and Sherman.

Raiders strong safety Brandian Ross charges toward the crease, which prompts Charles to lower his pads. The two clash helmets, resulting in an audible thwack on the broadcast, as No. 25 bulldozes his way for a six-yard pickup.

Slow motion:

The aftermath:

Although Charles did the trucking, he jogged to the sideline, with half of his Chiefs decal scrunched up. Ross, due to the enigma known as Raiders logic, gloated alongside Charles Woodson, only to watch Knile Davis barrel into the end zone on the following play.