The Top 5 Reasons Why Kansas City Chiefs Fans Loathe The Oakland Raiders

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For the NFL, it’s fitting that the Oakland Raiders logo mimics a skull and crossbones, because the Coliseum is where careers go to die.

At least, for the past decade-plus, that’s been the trend.  From inept coaching to head-scratching signings, the franchise can never seem to kick its bad habits.

Case in point: Just this past offseason, Oakland doled out $8 million in guaranteed money to Matt Schaub, whose first pass of 2014 was a fake-field-goal interception and last pass was a [drum roll] pick-six.

The Raiders have managed to out-amateur the turnover-per-possession Jets, Colt Goes to Canton ‘skins and “He breaks into the open pitch…proper juke…he’s at the 30…20…GOALLL! Goodnight, Guv’nah!” Jaguars, ranking dead last in turnover differential (minus 16).

Entering Week 15, Oakland has as many wins as the intentionally tanking Philadelphia 76ers, whose lineup consists of Washington Generals D-Leaguers.

Normally, that kind of fruitless, face-palming start garners sympathy. Normally, fanbases aren’t linked to swinging helmets at players, challenging pilots to naked fisticuffs and videotaped in-stadium stabbings, though. (Yes, I know that all fanbases, including that of the Kansas City Chiefs, have bad apples, Raiders Caps-Lock Commenter No. 3.)

For whatever reason, listening to Mad Max groupies chant a pro-pillaging poem doesn’t tug at the nation’s heartstrings.

But for Chiefs fans, the “Black Hole” is only one piece to a larger puzzle.