Film Room: While Kansas City Chiefs Look For Answers, Alex Smith Isn’t The Problem

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Sack No. 3: 3rd-And-13, 4th Quarter (6:50)

Another stunt. Another sack.

The good news is that the line fares better than it did in the first two examples. The bad news is that, due to the scenario, a short to intermediate route isn’t going to cut it, and by the time the deep safety commits to Avery, the walls around Smith have begun crumbling.

The down, distance and scoreboard likely dictate the decision-making.

Denver disguises its intentions, showing Cover 2 prior to the snap. As the play unfolds, though, the defense transitions into Cover 1 “Robber,” with the strong safety barreling toward Charles.

Kelce leaks out to the flat, but Denver’s Pro Bowler, Ward, is roaming in the vicinity.

Avery’s “K” route attracts the single-high safety, and Bowe creates separation on an overdrag. However, both Fisher and Harris are beaten, and the stunt opens the door for Marshall to bolt through the interior.

As Bowe breaks, Smith is already trying to escape the hornet’s nest masquerading as a pocket.

The field as Smith plants:

Full play:

View from the end zone: