Film Room: While Kansas City Chiefs Look For Answers, Alex Smith Isn’t The Problem

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Sack No. 2: 3rd-And-8, 1st Quarter (1:12)

If the Chiefs could’ve warded off pressure for a half-second longer on this play, it (probably) would’ve triggered cheers.

Jason Avant’s go route occupies the single-high safety, leaving Kelce matched up with linebacker Brandon Marshall. Also, Charles creates separation on in option route.

Once again, though, Smith is swarmed by the end of his dropback. After planting, he’s immediately forced to step up in the pocket, as Zach Fulton fails to identify Quinton Carter’s B-gap blitz. (The Broncos also run a twist stunt, with Jackson looping around and charging through the same gap.)

Smith is already being mauled before any of his pass-catchers can turn their head around.

The field as Smith plants:

Full play:

View from the end zone: