Podcast: The “The Rest of the AFC West Did Their Job” Show


The most important news of the day is Eric Berry. That news broke as we were recording, so we placed a sort of disclaimer at the beginning of the show and addressed it in the last segment, but we will not break down the football impact until the next show.

It’s difficult and feels kind of silly to talk about the rest of the show with the Berry news preceding it, but hopefully this show can be a distraction whenever Chiefs fans are ready to listen to a different kind of Chiefs talk.

On today’s show, Ryan Landreth and I discuss some criticisms we received in the Arrowhead Addict comments section, then discuss “Three Moves that Need to Happen.” After discussing the article, we break down how the Broncos and Chargers took advantage of the Chiefs’ blunder and gained an leg up in the AFC West. After that, we race through the rest of the NFL and give a crash course of what Chiefs fans need to know.

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Roughing the Kicker is a twice-a-week podcast on Arrowhead Addict Radio, hosted by Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth. RTK focuses on the Kansas City Chiefs, then covers every game in the NFL through the eyes of Chiefs fans.