Kansas City Chiefs: Three Moves That Need To Happen

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The Kansas City Chiefs wasted a golden opportunity last week when they failed to beat the winless Oakland Raiders. If was frustrating. It was disappointing. It was an incomprehensible let down by a team that had been red hot and won seven of their last eight games. While it certainly isn’t a shock that many Chiefs fans would react to the loss with anger and pessimism, the season is far from over for the Chiefs. They still control their own destiny when it comes to making the playoffs and they even have a legit shot at winning the AFC West if they can knock off Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos when they come to Arrowhead this Sunday.

The Chiefs cannot allow this one loss to derail them. They have already proven that they are capable of beating any team in the NFL with wins over the AFC leading New England Patriots and defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs don’t need a major overhaul. They don’t need to throw out their play books and start over from scratch. I believe this team can win with the same basic game plan and philosophy that they have used to date. Last week in this same weekly post I gave you Seven Reasons To Believe In The Kansas City Chiefs. I still believe in all seven of those points. That having been said, there are three small changes that I believe the Chiefs need to make in order to solidify things and give them the best team going forward to both get into and win in the playoffs.

Let’s start with the offense…..

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