Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce And Rodney Hudson Lower The Boom, ‘Belly Boy’ Jiggles With Joy And The Best Highlights From Week 11 [GIFs]

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I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Belly

Dove needs to recruit this man, because this is the epitome of “comfortable in your own skin.” Elway can kick rocks.

First off, let’s acknowledge the dedication.

It was insanely cold on Sunday. Like, sweet-Jesus-screw-this-Siberian-hellhole-I’m-buying-my-groceries-on-Amazon cold. Obviously, “Belly Boy” has some extra insulation, but frostbite is frostbite.

Furthermore, judging by the quality, this is a man who clearly freehands his arrowheads while looking in a mirror at six in the morning.

The “KC” is center-aligned with the belly button—an A-plus in aesthetics.

However, the same can’t be said about the arrowhead. The drawing looks less like an arrowhead and more like a drunk, hunchbacked ghost trying to find his keys.

Judging by his utilization of the nipple—could’ve slept without that sight—his husky frame obviously packs some creative bones, though. I can, on some alarming level, appreciate that.

So here’s to you, Belly Boy. You, your nip-O and your mountainous mosaic of freedom.