Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce And Rodney Hudson Lower The Boom, ‘Belly Boy’ Jiggles With Joy And The Best Highlights From Week 11 [GIFs]

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Entering Week 11, a lot of people (myself included) didn’t know what to expect from the Kansas City Chiefs. Or more accurately, they were clueless as to which Seattle Seahawks team would storm out of Arrowhead’s tunnel.

That same feeling lingered throughout the game.

Time and again, the Chiefs looked like they were seconds from landing a knockout blow, bullying the Seahawks into a corner and prepping an uppercut that’d make Mike Tyson blush. Then, with its back against the ropes, the visitors repeatedly turned the tables on destiny, swinging like a defending champ with no quit in its DNA.

Make no mistake, from a talent standpoint, this year’s Seattle squad isn’t on par with its predecessor. Its receiver, cornerback and D-line depth shriveled throughout the offseason, and the team’s collective hunger seems to have dissipated (to an extent).

That being said, you’d be foolish to discount them as Super Bowl contenders. And on a day when fumbles and injuries marred the hosts, Kansas City saved its best performance for when the spotlight shined brightest.

If nothing else, Week 11’s highlights showed one thing: This team is a playoff threat.