The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills don't play in the same division but you mi..."/> The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills don't play in the same division but you mi..."/> The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills don't play in the same division but you mi..."/>

Bills Are Always A Scary Matchup For The Chiefs

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Sunday, October 31, 2010: Chiefs vs. Bills Part 3, Jamaal’s Revenge

It hasn’t all been bad for the Chiefs in this new rivalry. I mean, in general, most of the football has been bad but the Chiefs have managed to win a few of these games and this was one of those games…that the Chiefs won.

And it happened on Halloween!

Whooooo. Scary.

The Chiefs were actually average in 2010. At the time, most fans though the team was good. In reality, the 2010 Chiefs were an ok team playing a terribly easy schedule.

But as we have learned, there are no easy games against the Bills.

Most Chiefs fans entered this game feeling pretty cocky. The Chiefs were 5-2 and Buffalo was a pitiful 0-6.

It didn’t matter. Everyone was in for some bad football. Both the Bills and the Chiefs just had a dang hard time scoring in this game. In fact, they had such a hard time scoring that the game went into overtime. Both teams continued to have a dang hard time scoring and finally, finally, the Chiefs won the game with a FG as the OT expired.

This game was so boring it deserved to end in a tie. Thankfully for KC, it didn’t.

Chiefs 13, Bills 10.

Looking at the box score, you can see why the Bills couldn’t score. Ryan Fitzpatrick was still the team’s QB and he had another stellar outing, completing 24 of 48 passes for 223 yards and a sparkling 4.6 yards per pass average. Buffalo ran the ball ok but still couldn’t turn those yards into points.

The Chiefs on the other hand, well, it is mind-boggling that it took them 75 minutes to finally win this game.

The good news on this day was that Todd Haley didn’t let Matt Cassel throw 43 passes. No, Todd was smart and ran the ball a whopping 45 times. The bad news on this day was that this was back when Thomas Jones was Haley’s starting running back and not Jamaal Charles because, you know, that whole thing made sense.

So despite the fact that Charles, who torched the Bills the previous year in a loss, was torching them even more in THIS game, Haley decided to give nearly as many touches to Jones as he did Charles. Charles rushed for 177 yards on 22 carries. He also led the team in receiving with four grabs for 61 yards. Yet 19 carries went to Jones, who ,while he averaged a good 4.1 yards per carry average, was taking away touches from Charles who was, you know, averaging EIGHT YARDS PER CARRY.

More fun and stomach-churning facts from that day:

1. Cassel attempted two passes to someone named Verran Tucker

2. Haley was trying so hard to avoid giving Charles the football that he gave carries to Jackie Battle and even one to Dwayne Bowe.

3. The Chiefs would go on to finish 10-6, win the AFC West and get blown out in the playoffs. The Bills finished 4-12. In last place.

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