Bills Are Always A Scary Matchup For The Chiefs

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Sunday, September 11th, 2011: We Will Never Forget…That Chan Gaily Wears Socks With Sandals

Chan Gaily used to work for the Chiefs. The Chiefs fired him. Chan wanted revenge.

The Chiefs had this game marked off as a win. It was the season opener at Arrowhead. The Bills sucked. The Chiefs were coming off a playoff appearance and an AFC West Championship.

What could go wrong?

1. Dexter McCluster fumbles the opening kickoff.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for four TDs and no picks.

3. Matt Cassel threw the ball 36 times and averaged 3.3 yards per reception.

4. Jamaal Charles averaged 5.6 yards per rush so Haley only gave him 10 carries.

5. Dexter McCluster averaged 10.5 yards per carry so Haley only gave him four carries.

6. Steve Breaston lead the Chiefs in receiving…with 26 yards.

7. Matt Cassel completed two passes for negative yards. One to Jackie Battle and one to…himself.

8. Charles fumbled and lost it.

9. John McGraw led the Chiefs in tackles…because…

10. Eric Berry was knocked out of the game with a season-ending injury.

11. Sabby Piscitelli

More fun and stomach-churning facts from that day:

1. See above.

2. The Bills would go on to finish the season 6-10 in (surprise) last place. The Chiefs would finish 7-9. Todd Haley would be fired mid-season. Romeo Crennel would coach the team the rest of the way. The AFC West was so bad the Chiefs nearly made the playoffs but followed up beating the then-undefeated Green Bay Packers by losing to the Oakland Raiders…thus sending Tim Tebow and the Broncos to the playoffs…where they would actually win a playoff game.

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