Bills Are Always A Scary Matchup For The Chiefs

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Sunday, November 23, 2008: Chiefs vs. Bills; The Beginning 

Hey, remember this guy?

Also, remember Tyler Thigpen?


That’s right, friends. The year is 2008 and it is the year of Tyler Thigpen. He was damn exciting to watch…in the first half of games. He even got a victory, which is something Brodie Croyle can’t say.

But not on this day. Not on this day.

Thigpen started at “QB” for the Chiefs and Trent Edwards started for the Bills. In a hilarious display of ineptitude that could only mean that Herm Edwards is your head coach (unless of course Romeo Crennel or Todd Haley is your coach), the Chiefs gave up a franchise-record 54 points to the Bills that day.

More fun and stomach-churning facts from that day:

1. The Chiefs only ran the ball 13 times, yet they averaged 12.2 yards per-carry.

2. Some guy named Jamaal Charles actually played in this game. Both he and Larry Johnson averaged over 11 yards per carry, so naturally, Herm gave them a combined nine carries.

3. The Chiefs fumbled four times. One was even by Maurice Leggett (remember him?), who played defense.

4. The Chiefs were 1-10 entering this game. The Bills were actually 6-5. Hilariously, the two teams would combine for two more wins the rest of the season, both finishing in last place.

If you thought this Chiefs loss was pathetic, I dare you to click though to the next slide.

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