Kansas City Chiefs: The Best AFC West GIFs And Vines From Week 9

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We’re Gonna Beat The…

This play illustrates Smith’s sound judgment, quick release and accuracy while under duress—three reasons why he excels in Andy Reid’s system.

The Chiefs break the huddle in a “tight end trips” formation. The Jets line up with nickel personnel.

At the snap, Demetrius Harris runs a drag while Knile Davis leaks out of the backfield on an angle route. Both distract the inside linebacker, and Davis eventually grabs the attention of cornerback Kyle Wilson (No. 20). That anchors the intermediate defenders.

The Jets are playing Cover 2, so Frankie Hammond occupies the left corner and free safety—two birds, one stone.

The play design utilizes Fasano and Travis Kelce in a “levels” concept, which deploys pass-catchers running similar (if not identical) routes at different depths. In this case, the play’s success hinges on Smith’s read of the strong safety, who finds himself in a Catch 22.

If the safety shadows Kelce, No. 11 would fire it underneath to Fasano.

Instead, Kelce feints outside, which grants him an inside cushion against Antonio Allen—a safety turned cornerback. The strong safety then jumps Fasano’s route, forfeiting the back of the end zone.

Smith takes advantage and snipes a pass over the coverage.

A few seconds later, Kelce is dancing.