Kansas City Chiefs Continue Royals’ Magic

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Play 2: Dwayne Bowe’s Ref Butt Slap

Dwayne Bowe is one of the most expressive Chiefs on the field. Naturally, he was pretty stoked about that Fasano Butt Touchdown, so what does he do? He rewards the sideline ref with a celebratory slap on the backside, which I can only assume stung a bit.

Lotsa butts in focus out on the field today, folks, but(t) smiles all around.

Play 3: Cairo Santos The Soccer Player

Fans branded Cairo Santos the bane of the team early on in the season. He’s since rectified his rookie mistakes by drilling field goal after field goal. The kid is 5 ft. 8 in (slightly taller than me) and weighs 160 pounds, although I’m guessing they weighed him soaking wet and added about 10 pounds.

Now, obviously he’s no Ryan Succop, who was a decent last line of defense if an opposing player broke through the special teams unit. No, Santos is not stopping anyone.

Or is he?

Look at that glorious form!

Santos patiently watches as Percy Harvin barrels toward him, sets himself up, and then he executes a perfect soccer move to trip him up, giving another Chiefs player time to tackle Harvin properly. He took the tripping penalty and a face plant in the grass for the team. You’ve got to respect that.