Kansas City Chiefs Continue Royals’ Magic

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Honorable mentions:

HM 1. Priest Holmes was inducted into the Kansas City Hall of Fame. While viewers at home didn’t get to watch this, our own Lyle Graversen was present to witness the momentous occasion.

And here’s a look at the ceremony:

My one regret? I wish they had inducted him while he still held the all-time leading rusher spot for the Chiefs. Regardless, this remains a much-deserved honor for a player still beloved by many in Kansas City.

HM 2. How about Justin Houston? Chiefs fans are spoiled by a history of great running backs and great pass rushers. Houston continues this tradition by logging his 12th sack of the season, on pace to record 24 by the end of the season and surpassing Michael Strahan’s previous record of 22.5, which he set 13 years ago. With two games remaining against the hapless Raiders, he could wrap up that record before week 17. Opposing quarterbacks should be VERY nervous.

Well, Addicts, what do you think about this game? Does it help ease the agony of the Royals’ defeat? Let me know in the comments if I left any plays out.