New York Jets Reddit Is A Gold Mine Of Rants, Vines And Photoshops

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Apocalypse Now

This rant is why my eardrums want to skydive to silence every time I’m within hearing distance of talk radio.

There are two types of sports fans: Those who were hugged as children and those who weren’t; those who watched Simba and those watched Springer; those who clapped on their little sister’s birthday and those who told her she was adopted.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has screamed regrets in the heat of the moment. But if a Sunday three-and-out causes you to look like you need to be quarantined on a Wednesday lunch hour, it’s probably a “you” problem.

I’ve never listened to Mike Francesa before. For all I know, outside of this rant, he spends his weekends planting trees and listening to John Mayer. But by all indications, he falls in line with the Hulk Smash crowd.

A small sample from Francesa’s outburst (if you don’t click, just imagine an upset ferret who pronounces every other “R” as an “H”):

"[Sammy Watkins] only caught three passes yesterday…for 157 yards! You know how long it takes a Jet receiver to get 157 yards? Three years! And everything’s fine. ‘We just need to evaluate. We need to finish. We need to finish.’ You need to be finished! Your calls when we come back."