Kansas City Chiefs edge the San Diego Chargers 23-20


In a seesawing affair sponsored by tension, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos booted a 48-yard game-winning field goal, defying critics and becoming temporarily deified.

Throughout the second half, the game looked like Week 17: The Sequel. The San Diego Chargers were surging. The Chiefs offense was inconsistent. But in the end, the result showed one thing: progress.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t the prettiest of victories.

Kansas City’s pass-catchers were plagued by drops, costing the offense two would-be third-down conversions.

The offensive line wavered between solid and shambles.

And while the defense clamped down on San Diego’s high-octane offense, the referees peppered it with controversial calls.

However, a praiseworthy performance by Jamaal Charles—en route to becoming the team’s all-time leading rusher—and a surgical second-half passing performance by Alex Smith propelled the Chiefs offense, setting a stage that mirrored that of last year’s regular-season finale.

Staring in the eyes of adversity, Santos did what Ryan Succop couldn’t, booting a San Diego-shattering game-winner.

The Royals are preparing for the World Series. The Chiefs overcame (Philip) Rivers and the refs.

Life is good in Kansas City.