Travis Kelce May Be The Key To Winning Division


Before we get into it, how about those Chiefs? The last nine months (dating back to that game) have been tumultuous to say the least, so it’s nice to finally get back to the one thing we all love: watching the Chiefs win. No, one game doesn’t miraculously fix the flaws we’ve all noticed with the team, but it does provide hope. After all, despite a worst-case-scenario start to the season, the Chiefs are only one game out of first in the AFC West. The battle for the division is alive and well.

The keyword in that statement is battle. The AFC West will not be won easily. Both Denver and San Diego will look to be playoff teams this year, and as we all know, the Chiefs have struggled recently to wrestle wins away from either of these division rivals. Many analysts have the Chiefs missing the playoffs, but I believe the Kansas City Chiefs can win this division, in part because of one player.

This guy:

Jun 25, 2013; Berea, OH, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce works with kids during a NFL Play 60 event during the AFC Rookie Symposium at the Cleveland Browns Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Quickly emerging as one of the most valuable new assets to the Chiefs offense, Travis Kelce adds another layer of depth to the team, presenting opposing defenses with a new set of challenges. He’s a vertical threat; big, physical, and surprisingly quick. All of this lends itself well to generating the kind of big plays KC has so desperately needed the last couple years.

He’s a vertical threat; big, physical and surprisingly quick

On top of physical ability, Kelce brings numerous possibilities to the offensive play calling. Imagine the absolute havoc that the Chiefs could wreak on opposing defenses by putting Kelce on the field in a two tight end set with Fasano while lining up both Jamaal Charles and De’Anthony Thomas (get well soon DAT) in the backfield. Defend against the run and Kelce has the potential to burn you over the top. Defend against the pass and you’ll be reminded that you’re playing against Jamaal Freakin’ Charles. Then it gets really fun when you think about sending De’Anthony into the slot. The possibilities are endless.

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That being said, I think the true reason Travis Kelce will be key to this team progressing to the postseason may have nothing to do with his physical abilities at all. I’d wager it will have more to do with his personality. On a team loaded with consummate professionals, Kelce screams attitude. Through three games this season Travis Kelce has looked like one of the most explosive and confident players on the field, and people are starting to notice. In fact, I’m willing to bet that there isn’t anything Kelce doesn’t believe he can do. After all, he did seriously try to hurdle Cortland Finnegan in the open field on Sunday. Kelce has the appearance of a player who very much believes in himself, which can have a very real effect on his teammates and opposing defenses alike. As much controversy as he finds himself mired in, I guarantee Richard Sherman’s “I’m the best” attitude encourages competition and confidence alike in his teammates.

Kelce has the appearance of a player who very much believes in himself

The Chiefs could use a guy like this. Someone who lights a fire under the rest of the team to show up and show off. I expect Travis Kelce to play the rest of the season like he has these first few weeks, with swagger and confidence.I want him to bring that attitude to every game this year. I want to see him expect the big plays, the touchdowns, the glory. After all, why shouldn’t an offensive player expect to score?

I want him to go into games convinced he’s going to nab at least one touchdown. I want to keep having conversations about who had the most ridiculous touchdown dance after the game.  I want his attitude to infect the rest of the team, and I want them to believe in their talents. At this point, the key between close losses to teams like the Broncos and Chargers and wins may lie in playing the game with the mindset that you are the better team.  If the team plays with the confidence that Travis Kelce seemingly has in his self, it may just help the Chiefs Shmoney Dance their way into the playoffs.

And that’s where the real fun would start.