Jamaal Charles: Kansas City Chiefs RB Has a New Dance (GIF)


Jamaal Charles turns would-be tacklers into ghost hunters and puts ankles on suicide watch.

Green Bay Packers fans…I don’t know what they do. (Wager paychecks over games of Mousetrap?)

Apparently, both dance.

Looking for a particular video, I came across another featuring outtakes from a recent NFL commercial.  That, in turn, led to me stumbling upon this gem of Charles and a Packers loyalist (translation: intern) doing…something:

The beginning of the GIF shows “Walter” pulling the “Look! I have rhythm too!” card—remixing the Harlem Shake into the Opie Shuffle—then tries to play it off with some “just a day in the life”-like swagger.

No. 25 then unveils is alter ego, Jamaal Charleston, and introduces a move that’s borderline indescribable. It’s what I imagine Ben Stein would look like if he did slalom skiing.

Obviously, this was probably just some spur-of-the-moment randomness between takes. In my mind? This started with Charles asking, “Did I mention I like to dance?” (probably NSFW):