Zach Fulton: An In-Depth Look At The Kansas City Chiefs Next Right Guard

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2013 Javedeon Clowney vs Tennessee

1:12 – Fulton shows some good push in helping open up a nice opening for the RB.

4:40 – Fulton gets to the 2nd level but fails to latch onto the LB who then trips up the RB.

5:54 – This might be the definitive Fulton play. He powers forward opening up a great hole for the RB, but because he gets bent forward he loses his leverage, he doesn’t sustain his block and the defender then helps trip up the back. It’s still a good play, but it could have been even better.

6:44 – Fulton turns his defender inside and opens up a huge hole for the RB to walk in for a TD.

9:49 – Fulton pulls to the left and tries to pick up an unblocked Clowney, but Clowney is so fast that Fulton isn’t even close.

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