Zach Fulton: An In-Depth Look At The Kansas City Chiefs Next Right Guard

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2013 Antonio Richardson vs Florida

8:55 – Here’s an example where Fulton lunges at a moving target and misses resulting in a player getting penetration into the backfield.

10:00 – Fulton is matched up 1 on 1 with Dominique Easley and is able to stay in front of the very quick pass rushing DT allowing the QB to deliver the TD pass.

There are numerous other plays in all four of these videos, but I tried to narrow it down to a couple of good examples of the good and the bad. After watching these games where Fulton went head to head with some of the best defensive line prospects from the SEC and held his own I feel very good about Zach Fulton. I believe that Fulton will ultimately win the starting RG spot for KC, if not from week 1, then at some point this season.

As a run blocker, Fulton possesses the power to open up holes and enough agility to get to the 2nd level. The main thing he needs to work on in his run blocking is finding a way to get locked onto a defender while he’s on the move.

As a pass blocker I love that Fulton possesses the size and strength to anchor and not get bullied by bull rushers. That’s been a problem for KC’s interior OL in recent years. Fulton held his own against some very good pass rushing DTs and while he may not always dominate them, keeping them off the QB is still a win for an offensive lineman.

Zach Fulton possesses the physical tools, experience, and mental make-up that you look for in a starting NFL guard. While his tape shows legitimate strengths and weaknesses, I am encouraged by the fact that the weaknesses seem like things that can be fixed with good coaching. The fact that Fulton appears to be physically up for the challenge as a rookie is a great first step. He was able to jump right in as a Freshman and start in the best football conference in college football. He went head to head with numerous first round draft picks and held his own. That is why I believe that despite being just a sixth round draft pick, Zach Fulton may be the long term answer at RG for the Chiefs.

What do you think KC fans, is Zach Fulton the man for the job? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below?

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!

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