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San Diego Chargers Bolt Beat: It’s Time to Shine for Bolts’ Melvin Ingram

Bolt Beats’ Matt Pagels’ brings a story about Charger Melvin Ingram. In his post he talks about the disappointing past two years. Yes Ingram did suffer a torn ACL which kept him out of last year until week 14, but where is the the pass rusher that Ingram displayed in his college days.

This story goes beyond Ingram into the Chargers defense as a whole. No doubt the Chargers have some issues on defense finishing 29th in opponents passing yards per game and 23rd in over all yards allowed. However the Chargers, despite the defensive issues were still able to do something the Chiefs could not do, beat Denver. The Chargers first pick in the 2014 draft was Jason Verrett a cornerback, and oh they picked up this guy, his name is like Roses, or Daisy’s, oh that’s right Brandon Flowers. The Chargers are set for the most part on offense and no doubt they need to improve on defense.

What does this mean for the Chiefs? Well considering that our second string almost beat them, not a whole lot. However if their defense can gain traction like their offense, they might be a tough battle to face twice in 2014. For now the Chargers are still the third best team in the division and with a little work could very well take over the 2nd spot in the AFC West.

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