Debbie Downer says, “Andre Johnson to the Chiefs is A Pipe Dream!”


I have returned, Chiefs fans, and I have a message: Stop thinking about a trade for disgruntled Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. It isn’t going to happen. There are too many factors that prevent this and all of these factors involve money.

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The Kansas City Chiefs freed up seven million dollars in cap space when they released cornerback Brandon Flowers. John Dorsey did not make this move so the Chiefs could have another monster cap hit from a player. Remember, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Berry, and Tamba Hali account for approximately $36 million against the cap. Andre Johnson would be a whopping $10 million against the cap. The Chiefs do not have that kind of cap space available for 2014 to trade for Johnson and sign Justin Houston. This is just looking at the numbers.

The main reason(s) the Chiefs can’t trade for Andre Johnson is because of who they need to re-sign and extend. Both outside linebacker Justin Houston and quarterback Alex Smith want (and need) contract extensions. Smith is the best quarterback the Chiefs have had since Trent Green and Justin Houston is arguably one of the best outside linebackers in the NFL. Houston will most likely command a Tamba Hali-like contract and I had heard Alex Smith wants a contract similar to Tony Romo’s. In a quarterback driven league Smith will most likely get what he wants, and if the Chiefs do not pay Houston, Kansas City would regret it for a long, long time.

The bottom line is that the Chiefs just cannot afford Andre Johnson. It is more important that the Chiefs are able to extend Justin Houston and Alex Smith.