Brandon Flowers: “I want to play the Chiefs again, let them know how I felt about it.”


Brandon Flowers was on NFL Total Access and let some of his thoughts about his release be known.

"“I was very surprised when it happened,” Flowers said on Wednesday’s edition of NFL Total Access. “I know I hit the (salary) cap pretty hard, but I thought if I was going to get traded or released it would be in February or March sometime.“The timing that they did it, it kind of hit me. So that’s why I stayed in the division. I want to play the Chiefs again, let them know how I felt about it.”"

The NFL Network doesn’t allow for videos to be embedded so you’ll have to click here to watch the full interview.

The interview didn’t have a negative tone. In fact, it sounded more like Flowers was looking for some extra motivation to get him ready for the season. Yes, San Diego is in the division and it works with the narrative he is creating, but the Chargers are also the team that showed the most interest and had the best fit of the teams that (supposedly) showed interest. I’m not sure I’d take these comments from him too seriously.

On the other side of this, Flowers was asked what he will miss the most about Kansas City. His answer? Us.

“My favorite thing about Kansas City was the fans. It felt like I never left college playing for Kansas City. No matter if we were winning four games, it was sold out. It was still crazy. You go to the malls and everyone had on red. It was crazy.”

Gonna miss you, Mr. Flowers.