So Long, Brandon Flowers


"O powerful western fallen star!O shades of night—O moody, tearful night!O great star disappear’d—O the black murk that hides the star!O cruel hands that hold me powerless—O helpless soul of me!O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul.– Walt Whitman, When The Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d"

It was the 14th hour of the year of our lord, Lamar Hunt, when the sheers cut down the great defender.

Brandon Flowers, he of the bloom of the 2008 NFL Draft, was purged from the Chiefs in favor of new seedlings who took less soil  from the cap. He was our Flowers, our beautiful Flowers, and nigh he is gone. Left to wilt in the sun of free agency, only to return as a weed in the garden of competition.

The fruits of Flowers: 17 interceptions, three touchdowns, three finishes as a top 10 PFF cornerback, two sacks, one Pro Bowl.

Let us remember Flowers and his fallen brethren from the 2008 NFL Draft.

Glenn Dorsey

Branden Albert

Brandon Carr

Joining in the fabled garden of Chiefs history. So long, Brandon Flowers: I’m glad I was not allergic to you.