Kansas City Chiefs Facts And Cracks

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The Chiefs. When you say, “the Chiefs,” who are you talking about? Most are likely referring to the group of guys that make up today’s on field representation of the team. Some may be referring to the organization… or possibly the coaching staff and GM. You can only imagine the number of different perceptions fans have when it comes to the reasons the Chiefs succeeded or failed last year. How about the varying beliefs about how the Chiefs will do in 2014?

Of course, so much of what is “thought” about the Chiefs is based on facts while much of the rest is a crack in the wall of reality. Let’s take a look at some issues related to the Chiefs this year and determine if it is based on facts or if it’s cracks in reality.

FACT ONE: The new wide receiver the Chiefs signed on Thursday named Mark Harrison has a chance to make the team. TRUE

I know the Chiefs have a lot of wide receivers on the roster

but, Mark Harrison could make the team.

Mark Harrison is a big wideout who as Ben Neilsen reported has “some off field concerns.” However, Harrison goes 6-3 and weighs 235, had 1,769 yards receiving for Rutgers, scored 18 TDs and has run both a 4.34 and a 4.37 40 yard dash. He scored a TD for every 5.9 receptions so obviously knows how to get in the end zone and would be a huge red zone threat. By comparison, Sammy Watkins, the first receiver taken in this years draft, had a TD for every 8.9 receptions.

The off field concern was a one time event that happened at the 2013 combine in Indianapolis. Actually, Harrison left his Crowne Plaza hotel room in a bit of a mess. Hotel officials said, “The damage included strewn bodily waste and garbage.” No physical damage was done to the room but the mess he left affected his draft position immediately. He was projected to go in the mid-rounds and then went undrafted. He was picked up by the New England Patriots after the draft and then released on June 4th of this year after spending much of last season recovering from a foot injury. The Patriots couldn’t keep him because the competition is too fierce at WR.

Andy Reid can take players who are ready to leave the past in the past. Harrison could be one of those projects. Take a look at this highlight film, with interviews of Harrison that are included, and then tell me you don’t think he can make this team.

CRACK ONE: Out of the three positions of need that the Chiefs started the offseason with… WR, DB and OL… OLs and DBs are still the biggest position of need going into camp. FALSE.

The Chiefs tried to sign WR Emmanuel Sanders

who ended up in Peyton Manning’s yard.

John Dorsey drafted a corner and a couple of offensive linemen and he waited late to get them so he must be satisfied with who he has in camp. FACT ONE indicated he’s still not satisfied with all the receivers in camp as does his pursuit of Sanders. Because the Chiefs have both Justin Houston and Alex Smith to sign extensions with they don’t have the extra money to go after bigger name receivers but I’m sure if he could, he would.