Kansas City Chiefs Facts And Cracks

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FACT TWO: The name “Chiefs” is not derogatory nor a racial slur… “Redskins” is.

While the Redskins have lost the copyright to their team name and may

lose millions in merchandising costs… the Chiefs never will.

I’ve heard many fans talking about the the subject of the Washington team name then turning around and accusing other teams like the Chiefs and the Seminoles from doing the same thing. Honoring “Chiefs” and the tribal name of Seminoles is the opposite of what’s going on in Washington. Sooner or later I expect the NFL to step in and take action but sadly that will probably be based upon a financial decision.

CRACK TWO: The Chiefs are being built around the bigger faster Seattle Seahawks model. FALSE.

The whole Seahawks team is not made up of huge fast and vicious players.

While the Seahawks corners are taller and their Strong Safety Cam Chancellor is 6-3, Free Safety Earl Thomas is 5-10, Russell Wilson is 5-10, two of their backup CBs are 5-10 and 5-11, plus starting WRs Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin are 5-10 and 5-11 respectively.

Some may be over generalizing when it comes to the whole Seahawks roster. Yes, the defensive backs are big boys with long arms and speed to boot but, they only make up a portion of their roster. Besides, it looks like Russell Wilson, a noted game manager, is doing alright to me.