Quotes From Day One Of Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp: Dee Ford, Aaron Murray And De’Anthony Thomas

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Q: Is this what you expected?

THOMAS: “It was a great experience in my first day coming out here. I’m out here to compete and just be a team player to help this team and contribute to this team.”

Q: What’s the deal with your jersey number?

THOMAS: “When I arrived yesterday, No. 1 was in my locker. I established this number and I’m just going to keep working and keep competing and keep contributing to this team.”

Q: How much work have you been getting at slot receiver?

THOMAS: “I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of work. During practice I’ve been playing slot a lot, so I’m pretty familiar with the position. I’m just ready to execute and contribute to this team.”

Q: Considering you’re going to miss the OTAs, how much of a setback is that for you?

THOMAS: “It’s not at all. I feel like I still have to be a student to the game, so I have to study and keep working hard and keep training and just wait for my turn to get back to this field.”

Q: According to a few things you tweeted out, it seems a little frustrating for you?

THOMAS: “Yeah, all the other guys are here getting their work in. I feel like I have put in my work training and just getting ready to be here. Today was my first day, and I feel like I did pretty well. I’m coming back tomorrow and ready to work.”

Q: What do you think you’re best at?

THOMAS: “I just feel like I’m a playmaker. Wherever Coach puts me on the field, I’m going to help this team get to the promise land.”