Quotes From Day One Of Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp: Dee Ford, Aaron Murray And De’Anthony Thomas

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Q: How is your knee?

MURRY: “It’s good, feels great. There’s no second thought. There’s no ‘be careful on the knee.’ ‘Don’t slip into a throw.’ It’s all just go out there and play and have fun and execute the play. It feels awesome.”

Q: Would you say you’re 100 percent?

MURRAY: “Yeah. I feel great. There are no hesitations. I’m able to do everything I need to do.”

Q: How long have you felt comfortable with the knee?

MURRAY: “I’ve been doing rollouts, cutting, jumping and all of that kind of stuff for probably close to two months. It’s been a constant of just getting better, getting stronger, gaining trust in the knee.”

Q: Was it good to get over the mental hurdle with guys running at you and rushing the passer?

MURRAY: “Yeah. It was a nice mental hurdle to get over knowing that I have to trust it. I have to trust my throws. I can’t worry about what’s going on in front of me. It’s not a second thought right now. It’s just a reaction and playing football.”

Q: How are you getting accustomed to everything here in KC?

MURRAY: “Just studying. That’s all you can really do right now as a rookie. Just getting your nose in the playbook, learn as much as you can from the playbook. You can’t go out there and execute, you can’t go out here and play to your full potential or play fast when you’re thinking. That’s the hard part for all the rookies where we can be sometimes hesitant because we don’t exactly get what we’re doing, so the best thing we can do and the thing I’ve been doing day-in and day-out is just studying my playbook, making sure I know the thing in and out so when I come out it’s just playing, reacting and making throws.”