Kansas City Chiefs Draft 2014: Go For Defense

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2. The defense when injured showed show flaws.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When both Tamba Hali and Justin Houston went down the Chiefs showed what they were lacking the most: depth. The Chiefs need to add another presence in order to gain depth at the position and perhaps add a force up front with other linemen Mike DeVito and Dontari Poe.

Going back once again to the Super Bowl, if you look at what the Seahawks were able to do with Manning, they brought a lot of pressure upfront and the secondary disrupted the timing of Manning and company. The same thing can be said for the Chargers. The playmakers that these quarterbacks have at their disposal are numerous and therefore getting to the quarterback should be a top priority for the Chiefs during the draft.

And the final point about why the Chiefs need to focus on defense with the draft is….