Kansas City Chiefs Draft 2014: Go For Defense

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1. The AFC West is a passing division.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For teams such as the San Diego Charges and the Denver Broncos the passing game is at the forefront of their offensive schemes. Peyton Manning, if left to be, well, Peyton Manning. He can disrupt and pick apart opposing defenses with such ease that it makes it almost impossible to get the better of him. That was until he met the 12th man in the Super Bowl and looked like a rookie out there.

The stats for the AFC West quarterbacks from last year are 12,265 yards, 97 touchdowns, and only 35 interceptions. In order to stay with those kinds of numbers the Chiefs need to look for a presence up front or in the safety position in order to help prevent these kinds of numbers.

Now this is a little lopsided with Matt Schaub in the mix, but don’t be mistaken as Schaub is still a good quarterback. Is he the answer for the Raiders? That remains to be seen, but that does not take away from the fact the AFC West is stacked with good quarterbacks and the Chiefs will need to find answers for them.