Chiefs Offseason: Land Of A Thousand Dances

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Since this year’s draft is so deep, because of an infusion of excellent underclassmen, should we assume next year’s draft won’t be, when the Chiefs will have possibly nine picks or more?

A lot of fans and analysts like to wait 4-5 years and do a re-draft before they fully judge the overall strength of a draft. I think that’s a good idea however, there is also no reason to believe that coming drafts won’t get better and better. If you look back at drafts over a period of decades… then the draft is becoming a gradually stronger draft going forward. If you go year by year, there are some distinguishable ups and downs for different position groups but as a whole, the drafts are getting better each year with better players hitting the big league all the time.

In my mind, present manifestations, are almost always an indication of a brighter future

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