AA Sunday Review: The NFL Is A Business, And I Don’t Care


Jan 14, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager

John Dorsey

(left), chairman Clark Hunt (middle) and coach

Andy Reid

pose for photos during the press conference at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Every Sunday we review some of the best posts at Arrowhead Addict from the last week. Enjoy.

MONDAY: Technology for Football Fans by Lyle Graversen

"If you’re like me, you reach a point where you can only rehash the same free agency news so many times before you start to drive yourself crazy. That’s why I thought it might be a good time for my final post as part of the Verizon Fan Voices program. For the past six months Verizon has hooked me up with a few items and asked for my honest feedback from a sports fan’s perspective. This week I’ll provide my final thoughts on these items and wether I recommend them to you, my fellow sports fans. The three items I’ve spent time with are the Droid Maxx phone, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, and the Fitbit Force activity band."

TUESDAY: Chiefs Kingdom & The Falling Sky by Stacy Smith

"The reactionary title is a response to the dark cloud currently hovering above the Kansas City Chiefs’ fan base. I think a large swath of Chiefs fans are disappointed with the first seven days of the new league year. Last week was a rough one for the Kingdom. Free agency began last Tuesday and all was quiet at One Arrowhead Drive. News poured in from all around the NFL about players defecting. There were almost immediate announcements of monster contract signings, but the football team nestled in America’s heartland seemed to be unaware that such an important part of the NFL offseason was underway."

TUESDAY: Chiefs: Building for Greatness vs. Championships Now (Part 1) by Nick Floyd

"Let me first start off by saying I love and hate free agency. First off, free agency is a chance for teams to really build for the next season by signing players that will not only help for the next year, but lay a great foundation for the future as well. I also hate free agency. I hate it because it really is a contest of who as the most money and players that may fit better in a better system, negate that for a chance at a big paycheck.That being said teams such as the Denver Broncos who go out and court good players, but also throw that money into equation make me mad. Not just because they are the Broncos, but because of what they are doing."

WEDNESDAY: Seven Chiefs Mocks: Stayin’ Alive In The AFC by Laddie Morse

"So, what comes next in this AFC arms race? I haven’t really lost faith in GM John Dorsey or HC Andy Reid yet because they say they have a plan and that plan is majorly based on building through the draft. With the pluses and minuses of the free agency period thus far… let’s move on and see if we can build a draft plan that may resemble much of what R&D (Reid & Dorsey) hope to achieve in May’s three day event."

THURSDAY: The NFL Is A Business, And I Don’t Care by Natasha Sims

"I kid because I care. I think I’ve heard the mantra, “the NFL is a business,” more times over the past week than in my entire lifetime. Look, I get it. The NFL really is a business, er, nonprofit, actually, so decisions are made based on numbers and statistics. There will be blood casualties to The Almighty Salary Cap, which no one truly understands from what I gather. Players will leave their adoring fanbase for money, and front offices won’t re-sign players for the same reason."

FRIDAY: Chiefs Need Extensions More Than New Signings by Nicholas Alan Clayton

"I’ll admit, the Chiefs “red wedding” free agency period has involved a lot more casualties than I expected. Then again, all Chiefs fans should have heard the Rains of Castamere playing since the end of the season."

SATURDAY: Chiefs: Kansas City Or Bust by Laddie Morse

"From Joe Montana naming the team he’d accept a trade too… to Peyton Manning shunning fountain town for the Rockies of Colorado… “the want” to be in K.C. remains a central issue to who the Kansas City Chiefs have been, are, and are becoming."