Kansas City Chiefs: Building for Greatness vs Champions Now (Part 1)


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This is going to be a two part post. One because I have a lot to say about the recent free agency pickups made by the other teams in our division. Two because I want to present two sides to the debate of building a team or putting together a “Dream Team” to make a push at the prize.

Let me first start off by saying I love and hate free agency. First off, free agency is a chance for teams to really build for the next season by signing players that will not only help for the next year, but lay a great foundation for the future as well. I also hate free agency. I hate it because it really is a contest of who as the most money and players that may fit better in a better system, negate that for a chance at a big paycheck.

That being said teams such as the Denver Broncos who go out and court good players, but also throw that money into equation make me mad. Not just because they are the Broncos, but because of what they are doing.

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They are seemingly going out to buy a championship. They feel that by offering players who may be past their prime, or are not worth the money the cash to come play just to try to reach the Superbowl. (Since that worked so well the last time. 43-8! are you kidding me!)

Now all the Donkey fans who might troll on this site will go about saying how, “At least we made it!”. Well that is well and good but I would rather lose the game in a nail biter, than see myself get literally destroyed on national TV, and yes Peyton that is embarrassing.

Ok back from the rant.

I want to present this first part in the style of the “Win Now!” mentality. I fully understand the thinking of teams like the Broncos. You have an aging, but effective quarterback so why not go out and get the best player at a position and pay him a huge amount. It is because they had a legitimate shot at going back to the show. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking Denver is not as good as they are, because it is true. They straight up know how to beat teams. If you look at their weakness from last year it was their defense. So why not go out and get players like TJ Ward and Demarcus Ware to help fortify that defense. But the difference between what they are doing an other teams in when Manning finally leaves town they will be stuck in some of that guarantee money, for overrated players, and it will turn back to their offense that is coming up short.

However, even with that thinking, if they can put together their “Dream Team” of sorts and come away with the ring then who is to say that this is a bad type of dealing. So while I do not agree with trying to buy a championship, I do understand the reasoning behind it. So for those teams that go out and break open the money bags I wish you all the luck, unless your in the AFC West then I hope you fall on your faces.

Next week I will talk about building a team for the long haul and how I feel that it it a better system than trying to buy your championship.

I want to hear from the addicts, what do you think the the best way teams can go into free agency sound off below and lets get this discussion started.

Sound off, Addicts.