Vance Walker, Weston Dressler, and Frank Zombo Meet With The Media

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Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports


Why did you pick Kansas City?

"“I just really liked the way they presented themselves to me throughout the whole process. It seemed like an organization that was really run in a respectful way and something I was really anxious and (looking) forward to be a part of.”"

What did they tell you about your role here?

"“As far as I’m concerned, I’m coming in to compete for a spot on the roster. I think from my experience in the CFL, I’ve played receiver and a little bit of a returner as well, so to be able to compete for those spots and try to come into camp and earn my way to camp and earn my way onto the roster.”"

It really sounds like the Chiefs are not counting on him to be a major contributor. This isn’t to say Dressler won’t be a valuable part of the 2014 Chiefs but Dressler’s answer seem to indicate Dorsey and Reid are not putting all their eggs in the Dressler basket.

What kind of skill set do you have to have to work in the slot and what do you have that makes you good at it?

"“I’m definitely comfortable in the slot and I feel like you have to be able to find the holes that are in there and a big part of it is making plays after you make the catch and being able to get up field in a quick manner and just protecting the ball. I feel like just having a good awareness of what’s going on around you and taking advantage of what’s there at all times.”"

I really like this answer. Suggests Dressler has been well coached and he is coachable.

How do you counteract the lack of height you have?

"“For me, I try and do everything, all the little things, as perfect as possible. You’re always putting yourself in the best position possible to make a play and it makes it that much easier to finish the play and make it how it’s supposed to be made. Just always putting yourself in the right position and giving yourself the best possibility to execute has been one of my priorities as a player. Do all of the little things as best as you can and do them right and you’re going to put yourself in a good position to make plays.”"

Again, the perspective here is nice to read. One would think he could transition quickly into a meaningful role as the season progresses.