The K.C. Chiefs And The New League Year

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An NFL Franchise In London

Another popular idea with growing support is the NFL wants to place a franchise in London. I’ve heard NFL network analysts saying, “It’s going to happen.” I just don’t understand the logistics of it all. I like to travel as much as the next guy and in fact, I went to Europe three times last year… but, and this is a big, big… but, who likes being on an airplane for 9 hours in a row? Now, admittedly, that’s from Dallas. However, I’m wondering what the Seattle Seahawks players and fans will be thinking when the “London Bridges” (Away) show up on their schedule?

Three important questions to answer before the league goes pond hopping over to Europe with a franchise:

1) Will they offer the Patriots players “tea” or has it been long enough that they have forgotten what happened in December of ‘73… that would be 1773?

2) If you’re a member of the Jets… and you blame a loss in London on jet lag… how long until Brits understand what you’re talking about?

3) We know David Beckham is good with his feet, can he play wide receiver?

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Alright Addict fans, do you have anything you want to add to the NFL’s new year’s calendar? And… be honest now… would you actually fly 9 hours to go see a Chiefs game in London? I would.