Achieving Chiefs-a-topia


Wow, you win your first four games and all the sudden people are buzzing. Some from drinking too much and then getting on the internet. Never a good combo. What’s surprising is, it’s not all glowing raves. I should have figured by now, there is never going to be Chiefs nirvana even if they win the Lombardi.

A headline for the an article points more to the effect this loss had on the “New York” team than it had on the Kansas City team who celebrated the victory and… reached a fairly distinguished level of achievement. The East coast bias never dies.’s game review piece about the Chiefs win over the Giants reads: “Giants Fall to 0-4 After Blowout to the Chiefs.” So, is it a bigger story when a 2-14 team goes 4-0 or a 9-7 teams goes 0-4? The answer is… the city with 8.3 million people matters more than the one with half a million.

At least ESPN pointed to perhaps a more realistic reason the Chiefs are in the predicament they’re in,

"Eric Berry credits Kansas City’s 4-0 start to the “family feeling” that held everyone together during the hapless 2-14 season of 2012."

This is also out there and shouldn’t be missed.

"Like many fans, referee Terry McAulay is used to Reid being with the Eagles. After Reid successfully challenged a spot in the third quarter, McAulay announced, “Philadelphia will not be charged a timeout.“"

We shouldn’t get too much further down the road before we straighten out a great injustice. One of Alex Smith’s interceptions… wasn’t. Take a peek at these pictures.

Okay… breath in… breath out. Now, let it go.

I ESPN’s new Power Rankings the Chiefs are #5. However, Adam Teicher has finally given the Chiefs some props with this analysis and also says in his rankings the Chiefs would be #4.

The “Chiefs Monsta D” is becoming just that. A monster. The Chiefs, in what is the most common ranking for defenses, come out as the #7 overall defense following this weekend. But, I like to take a look at which defense would be considered best if… you targeted the team that has allowed the least amount of points and that… would be the Kansas City Chiefs… with 41 points allowed (among all teams who have played four games). Or you can simply look at all teams and then focus on the average amount a defense has allowed per game and it would still be the Chiefs with a mere 10.2 points per game.

Monster in deed.

For those of you wondering how the offense fairs on their end of the “total amount of points scored game.” How about #10. That’s right. Your Kansas City Chiefs have a top ten scoring machine.

I guess that Alex Smith guy really is a lousy-bad QB after all! Right? WRONG!

On Monday, Pro Football Focus (PFF) has this to say about Alex,

"It’s far too often that we hear the term “game manager” thrown around, as it usually has more to do with a team’s defense and running game rather than a quarterback’s ability to actually manage the game. Alex Smith (+3.3) will certainly don the label if this season continues as is… but to win in the NFL the QB must make some throws at some point, and Smith did just that on Sunday."

Since we’re hanging with PFF, what do you think they had to say about the defense?

"…Hali (+4.7) and Justin Houston (+2.8) rushing off the edge on must-pass situations. Houston has been a monster to this point in the season, and he got on board with four hurries on his 32 rushes to finish with a +1.2 pass rush grade. But it was Hali who played the role of closer, as he was seemingly in the backfield on every Giants’ pass from the late third quarter and beyond."

There’s that word “monster” again. Mmm. Take it in. Digest it. It’s interesting isn’t it, when you want to watch the defense take the field more than he offense. It’s the inverse of those old Vermeil-ian offensive assaults.

Let’s come full circle and close with another quote of Eric Berry by CBS Sports…

"We just kept working, kept sticking together. We know things don’t always go your way. But you’ve got to be able to stick together through tough times, in life, period. We kept leaning on each other. Nobody pointed a finger at anybody at any time. We just stuck together and I feel like that was the foundation that was built for us to do what we’re doing now. But we’ve still got a lot of work to do."

We are family….

What say you Chiefs Addicts? Monsta” D and a top ten offense… can you dig it?