Chiefs’ Eric Berry Predicts Eli Manning Will Cough Up The Ball


Chiefs’ star safety Eric Berry can see into the future, and he demonstrated that by predicting his fumble recovery off of Eli Manning during Kansas City’s 31-7 win over the New York Giants.

Now to be fair, Manning has had a dismal year, throwing nine interceptions and losing two fumbles so far during New York’s 0-4 start, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for Berry to predict a turnover.

Also consider the fact that Berry is easily one of the best defensive players in the NFL, and as a safety, he’s always finding himself around the ball. So far this season, Berry has notched 15 tackles, .5 sacks, two fumble recoveries and one interception, so he’s earned the right to “call his shot” as they say.

This wasn’t quite on Babe Ruth’s level, but you can clearly hear Berry predict that Manning would either throw him an interception or cough up the ball in the video below, which I believe is courtesy of ESPN’s NFL Sunday Soundtracks:

Lo and behold, a few clips later we see Eli coughing up the ball, and guess who was there to easily grab the fumbled ball like a shortstop gobbles up a one-hopper. That’s right folks, none other than Eric Berry.

The man may be afraid of horses, but when it comes to the game of football, #29 is proving himself good enough to call his own shots out there on the field.