Chiefs Whippin’ Up A “Big Apple” Mud Pie Sundae

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Oh, it’s going to be one big gooey mess but, it’s going to taste oh so sweet.

Sometimes you can taste it before it’s in your mouth. My mother used to cook these incredible meals on Sunday afternoons and the smell would invade every cavity of our two story home. I could literally taste the meal before I even sat down at the dinner table.

This Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead, Chiefs fans will be smelling the meal and tasting the victory… before they even enter the stadium. And what I’m talking about doesn’t have a thing to do with tailgating.

Overconfidence? Sure, and why not. In fact, the Chiefs have the recipe and here it is:

The Chiefs defense is tied for 7th in the league with 4 INTs while the Giants offense is first at throwing it away with 9.

The Chiefs have the 11th ranked rushing offense and the Giants have the 27th ranked defense against the run.

The Chiefs are 1st in the league in the turnover/takeaway ratio while the Giants are dead last 32nd.

And this game is not just about the stats either. That wondrous force of life called momentum has taken over in fountain-town and I wouldn’t be betting against the men in red and gold, for all the gold in Red China. While the Chiefs are ramping up, the Giants appear to be slowing and growing desperate.

So, are the Chiefs even favored in this game by the “writers in the know?”

If you’re keeping a tally that’s 41 out of 46 sports writers who are predicting the Chiefs not only win but, in some cases cover the spread and in the case of Don Banks, thinks it will be a route. I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the Chiefs could lose on Sunday. But there is very little evidence in the Giants portfolio pointing to a need for that conviction. pointed out this week that “good coaching” (be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page too, of the Chiefs locker room after the Eagles game yelling, “We’ve still got work to do.” Goosebumps) has been the difference in Kansas City this year. Arrowhead Pride pointed out this week that Andy Reid is 13-1 when given extra time to prepare for a game like he’s getting for this one, come Sunday against the New York Giants.

In 1999 and 2000, Reid’s Eagles were swept by the New York Giants. Since then Reid’s Eagles are 15-9 and there’s only two seasons in that span when the Eagles were swept by the Giants while Reid’s Eagles swept the Giants 5 times during that same time period. It appears that Reid knows how to beat the Giants, at a .625 clip since 2001.