2014 NFL Draft: Guard Prospects You Should Know

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Zack Martin – 6’4 305lbs – Notre Dame

Zack Martin had a rough start at Notre Dame, playing left tackle in 2011. The knock on Martin is the same knock attributed to many college lineman, and that is short arms. He made his 41st career start in the loss to Michigan last weekend, so he is certainly not lacking in experience though. Martin was eligible to come out for the draft last year but in a smart move to stay behind for one more year. With all the talent that came out at guard last year, he would not have been considered elite at his position. He’s earned the Notre Dame Offensive Lineman of the Year award for three consecutive years by helping Notre Dame running backs rush for at least 200 yards in seven games in 2012. Martin is one of the first set of brothers to start at Notre Dame since 1900, with his younger brother Chris Martin starting at center. Without an absolutely stellar year, I don’t expect Martin to be drafted until at least round 5 in the 2014 NFL Draft.