Alex Smith: Pistol Whipped?


With all the violence and negative news stories circulating around the NFL this off season, perhaps it wasn’t wise to use that title. However, Alex Smith was interviewed on the NFL network today and may have given away more than he intended to about the Chiefs incorporation of the Pistol offense and about one of their new staff members, Chris Ault.

Earlier this Friday evening, at 6:00 Central time, NFL Total Access’ Paul Burmeister interviewed new Chiefs QB Alex Smith and asked him about what the addition of Pistol guru Chris Ault means to the Chiefs Offense.

"Paul Burmeister: I think one of the most interesting but off the radar hires in the National Football League in the off season, Chris Ault, the father of the Pistol offense, former head coach at Nevada, is now on staff. We know why he’s there, to implement at least part of that Pistol offense. How’s that coming along?Alex Smith: (long pause and a huge grin)… I don’t know if I can… uh…Burmeister: … confirm or deny that?Smith: … yea, yea, exactly. (more laughing). Yea he’s there and he’s been a great addition. (then Smith gets serious, stops smiling and begins to give a more political answer) umm it’s such a team … the more minds the better. Who better to go to than the man that invented it. And to get that background knowledge of how it evolved and how it came to be. You know I obviously had a little taste of it in San Fran, playing with Colin but, you know now, bring him aboard, Coach Ault. Great addition. Great addition for our team.Burmeister: Well played.Smith: (Smith grins big!)Burmeister: I guess it’s safe to say we may be seeing you run a little bit more.Smith: Yea, you never know, we’ll see."

Maybe the Chiefs will be doing a little more “Pistol whipping” of their own this season.

What do you think Addicts? Are you ready for some Pistol work? Don’t go anti-gun on me now!