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Real Chief Concerns: Is It Just Me, Or…



If you’re a Chiefs fan… you have concerns. These days most of us are concerning ourselves with who the Chiefs will be taking in the upcoming draft. But, if you’re at all like me (I know what you’re thinking… omg NO), you have other concerns as well.

Is it just me, or…

does anyone else wonder if Chiefs ex-GM Scott Pioli actually ever picked up that piece of trash in the stairwell… you know, the one he scolded his staff about to teach them a lesson? Or, did he assign someone to go pick it up instead? Or maybe hire a trash picker-upper-er? I’m hoping that it’s still there, in the exact same spot and that someday the Hunts will be giving tours, so fans can view the infamous… “piece of trash.” No… I’m not talking about Pioli. When I said he will be bust at Arrowhead, I didn’t mean they’ll make him a statue.

Is it just me, or…

is anyone else wondering if the Chiefs have enough coaches yet? After all, someone is going to have to teach the the players the new rules about open-field tackling and not leading with their helmets. Perhaps Leon Sandcastle will be available to do that… after the reality sets in… that no one is actually going to draft the 45 year old wanna-be-younger Deion Sanders look-alike. It could work too… since the real Deion Sanders never touched anyone in the open field.

Is it just me, or…

has anyone wondered in the past two years if the Chiefs made a mistake by rushing their card to the commissioner so they could pick WR Jon Baldwin with pick 26… instead of 27.

The Chiefs paid $90,300 more for the opportunity to move up one spot and assure themselves of drafting WR Jon Baldwin because the Baltimore Ravens were late turning their pick-card into the league commissioner. The Ravens then selected the player they wanted, CB Jimmy Smith, who was paid commensurate with the 27th pick on the new CBA rookie salary scale. Notice (above) the line of regression of the pay scale with the next player selected in the 2011 draft, Mark Ingram. You may also notice the date of signing is in a progression.

And now, for the rest of the story….

Is it just me, or…

is anyone else now wondering… if the Chiefs could do the same thing the Ravens did two years ago… by refusing to turn their card in for the first and/or second picks in the draft. If the Chiefs can’t find a trading partner… why not drop down two slots lower in the draft and pay less for the player they are likely wanting most (or equally) while still selecting near the top of the draft?  By drafting third this year, instead of first, the Chiefs could save 1.835 million…. and still get their man. I’m pretty sure they’d still be able to get one of the two best left tackles, Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher, and wouldn’t it be great to pick right before the Raiders… perhaps denying them the very player they want most.

Is it just me, or…

was anyone else weirded out by Andy Reid’s Hawaiian “shirt” or has anyone been wondering… or not… why Andy Reid was the only NFL coach fashioning a flower-dy-wow-er-dy tropical themed muumuu a couple of weeks ago at the owner’s meetings in… Phoenix, Arizona? It’s one thing to wear a fashion from two decades ago but, quite another to wear a shirt when it was MADE two decades ago.

Is it just me, or…

is anyone else wondering if 6-6 and 294 lb. British born, Nigerian, rugby player slash discuss champion Lawrence OKOYE… who is interested in playing DE in the NFL… can possibly play… running back? How about “The Nigerian Nightmare Two-Point-OMG” for a nickname?

Is it just me, or...

is anyone else enjoying the losing hand of poker that the Oakland Raiders are playing this off season? Palmer on the outs? Flynn, in like flint? Oooo, I’m scared… and happy. I call it scraaa-happy. There’s lots to loathe (or love, if you’re a Chiefs fan… and if you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you are) about the Raider’s off season. However, they seem to be aligning themselves to become first in the draft for either, Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney in 2014. Never felt sorrier for a QB or a LB.

Oh my… I’m not nearly being honest there you know. Shame on me.

Is it just me, or...

is anyone else as frequently annoyed at the lack of depth and understanding that the national media displays on a regular basis about the Chiefs?  I usually revere Sports Illustrated writer Peter King but, his comment about Dwayne Bowe seems uninformed to say the least,

"“Bowe… could be the deep threat Reid loved in DeSean Jackson in Philadelphia.”"

Does any Chiefs fan have the image of Dwayne Bowe going long or posing as a long threat? Bowe’s TDs come when he makes his move… after the catch. Besides, there hasn’t been a QB in Kansas City who could even throw a bomb so, how could he be considered a long threat? King may be thinking Alex Smith is going to be that QB who will go bombs-away with him but, that’s also not at all the reputation A.S. has. Smith is known for his short quick passes, crossing routes or dumps out of the backfield. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Is it just me, or…

is anybody else anticipating a first round trading binge on draft day? Well, if that’s you — you’d be right to think that way.

In the past five years there have been, on average, 37.1% of the teams in the first round of the NFL draft, trading places to get the player they covet most.

 Is it just me, or…

is the memory of any Derrick Thomas sack, one of the

sweetest moments in sports history, in any sport, in

any decade, period?

Here’s my top ten list of favorite football moments:

10. Monday Night Football, October 17th, 1994. Joe Montana to Willie Davis, with 8 seconds left, who turns and tiptoes across the goal line in Denver, out dueling John Elway, 31-28.

9.  Sunday, December 18, 2011 when the Chiefs stopped the Green Bay Packers winning streak. The Chiefs thrills have been few and far between in recent years but that was definitely one of them.

8. Live: Sunday, October 24th, 1973 at the Los Angeles Coliseum and QB John Hadl threw a long TD pass to Harold Jackson to beat the Green Bay Packers 24-7 and remain unbeaten at 6-0.

7. Joe Namath promising a Super Bowl victory and then following through.

6. Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone knocking the Cowboys out of the playoffs and establishing the 49ers as a team of the future. It was January 10, 1982 and I was watching on TV.

5. The catch known as the Immaculate Reception: because when it happened it represented the Steelers coming of age but, more importantly, whipping the Raiders. Now, the Steelers are as much of a villain as the Raiders. Well, maybe not quite as much.

4. Priest Holmes running patiently behind his hof quality line. In 2002, when Holmes rushed for 1615 yards he averaged 5.2 yards per carry. He often appeared to be gliding into the end zone, unharried, unhurried and untouched.

3. The St. Louis Rams winning the Super Bowl vs. the Tennessee Titans in the last second with one yard to spare. Congratulations to one of my all-time favorite coaches: Dick Vermeil.

2. The 1970 Super Bowl had the biggest catch of all. The Otis Taylor 46 yard catch and score which was accomplished only after breaking a tackle at mid-field. Taylor tiptoeing and prancing down the sideline for a score was pure artistry. The 65-Toss-Power-Trap slogan has overshadowed some outstanding performances in that game by the defense. Minnesota’s two leading rushers had a total of 24 yards that day and Gene Washington, the Vikings best receiver had a total of 9 yards for the game. Afterwards, Len Dawson said, “It was obvious that their offense had never seen a defense like ours.” Nor since.

1. A blur and a heap. Derrick Thomas created this on every play. When he made contact with QBs and running backs, as he so often did, the result was a blur and a heap. My most favorite moments involved Derrick and Denver QB John Elway. I recall saying to myself, repeatedly, Mr. Elway meet Mr. Thomas. Ahhh, those were the days. Hey, if you need a little time of reflection….

Is it just me, or…

did I just write a whole post

without mentioning Geno Smith?

  Oh no! I just did. I’ll never forgive myself.

Is it just me, or…

doesn’t it seem like the draft

is taking a lot looonger to get here this year?

We could be in the middle of a temporal time shift. Really.

Is it just me, or…

 do Arrowhead Addicts have more to say these days than ever before?