Report: Andy Reid Indicates The Chiefs Are Done With Free Agency For Now


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Star dropped an article today that was calk full of interesting bits of information, including the claim that the Kansas City Chiefs are done playing in free agency, for now anyway.

From the Star:

"After the Chiefs signed four players in the first 24 hours of free agency, Reid indicated no more free-agent additions were imminent.Now, attention turns to the April 25-27 NFL Draft, in which the Chiefs hold the No. 1 overall selection.“Who knows what happens from here?” Reid said. “We had this wave here and then we’re going to step back and kind of analyze what’s out there now. Is there a move to be made here or there? Yeah, possibly. But you’re digging in on the draft now.“It’s important to get ourselves ready for the draft. Both John and I have said this before: That’s kind of where you build your football team. It’s not necessarily through free agency. That’s not what we’re trying to attempt to do.”"

Hmmm. I can’t tell what this means. It almost seems like the Star is making a little bit of a jump here saying that the Chiefs are “done for now,” because later they say that Reid said no more signings were “imminent.”

The Chiefs were reportedly in hot pursuit of former Miami Dolphins CB Sean Smith. We haven’t gotten much news on Smith, though reports this morning said that the Philadelphia Eagles were out of the running for his services and that the CB was choosing between three teams, including the Dolphins.

Perhaps what Reid meant was that the Chiefs have made all the offers they are going to make. For instance, KC could have a couple of off the table to guys but may not be actively pursuing any other targets.

I wouldn’t rule out more news coming out of KC in the coming weeks. One thing we do know is that some point, something has to happen with QB Matt Cassel.

What do you think, Addicts? Are the Chiefs done signing free agents?